Wedding Officiation Request

Thank you for your interest in having Pastor Tony do your wedding!

Pastor Tony gets a lot of requests to perform weddings. As such, it is highly recommended that you book a wedding date with him as early as possible in the process.

NOTE:  Pastor Tony does not perform weddings on Sunday mornings because he is usually preaching then. He also does not perform weddings late on Saturday nights or in locations far away from the church due to the impact it might have on the Sunday morning services.


Generally, the process should go as follows.

  1. Book Wedding Date with Pastor Tony (As early as possible.)
  2. Schedule a Wedding Planning Meeting (About six months before your wedding date.)
  3. Schedule premarital sessions with Pastor Tony or someone else (Can be scheduled whenever but must be completed before Pastor Tony will do the wedding.)


Pastor Tony offers three services to couples considering getting married.

Basic Wedding Package:  With this package, Pastor Tony meets with you to discuss your wedding ceremony. He then goes and drafts a wedding manuscript for your review and approval. Pastor Tony will then attend your wedding rehearsal and walk through the ceremony with everyone involved. (Pastor Tony is not a wedding coordinator or wedding planner and it is strongly suggested that you retain one for your wedding.) Then, of course, Pastor Tony will arrive early for your wedding and officiate the ceremony. (Sadly, Pastor Tony cannot normally stay afterwards at either the rehearsal or the wedding due to his desire to get back to get ready for Sunday mornings.)

Premarital Counseling:  Pastor Tony requires every couple he marries to get some form of premarital counseling but he does not require that you get the counseling from him directly. He does, however, offer premarital counseling to those that desire it. This would include having the couple complete a professional online assessment and then getting together with the couple for a two-hour long session to discuss the results of that premarital assessment. (Note: the assessment organization charges a fee for the assessment.)

Postmarital Counseling:  Pastor Tony strongly encourages all couples to get postmarital counseling as well. The postmarital counseling sessions should be scheduled about 12 months after the marriage as issues usually start to pop up around that time. Another assessment would be administered at that time and the results would be discussed with the couple in another two-hour counseling session.


  • $399    Basic Wedding Package
  • $200    Premarital Counseling
  • $100    Premarital Assessment
  • $200    Postmarital Counseling
  • $100    Postmarital Assessment


Simply use the following form to submit a booking request. Pastor Tony will then see if he is available for your rehearsal and wedding dates. If so, you will be asked to provide a $100 deposit. This will reserve your rehearsal and wedding dates on Pastor Tony’s master calendar. (The deposit will be deducted from your final total which is due at the rehearsal.)

NOTE:  If either the bride or groom have attended the Fusion One class and have signed the partnership covenant then a member discount is available. Fees for members are $100 off all rates except for the assessment fees which are fixed. For example, a member would only be charged $299 for the wedding and $100 for premarital counseling.


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Basic Wedding PackageBasic Wedding Package + Premarital CounselingBasic Wedding Package + Premarital and Postmarital Counseling