THIS SUNDAY: How to Hear from God

By March 22, 2017Announcements

Every day you make decisions. Some of them are minor and some seem more important but all of them can affect your life in major ways.

How do you go about making your decisions? How do you choose the right door when you’re not even sure where that door might lead?

The choices you make today will lead you forward one way or another, but when you know who to trust, you’ll always be headed through the right door.

Join us this Sunday as we start a brand new series all about how to make the best decisions. In this powerful message series, we’ll learn how to seek God’s will for our lives and in the process we’ll discover just how much He cares for us and the decisions we make.

Whatever decisions you might be facing, come and learn how to get unstuck and start reaping the benefits of making the right choices and walking through the right doors.

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