THIS SUNDAY: Learn What the Bible Says about Sadness as We Look at “Inside Out”

By July 14, 2016Announcements

At the Movies is back! People have been demanding the return of this series for a long time and we’re pleased to announce we’re bringing it back!

Movies have a way of communicating unlike any other art form. In them, we find powerful stories of the human experience—an experience marked by intersection with God. Whether filmmakers know it or not, God’s fingerprints can be found all over their stories. In this series, we’ll take some of the most popular films from the last couple of years and look at how we can find God at the movies.

This Sunday at Fusion, we’ll be looking at the spiritual themes within the movie Inside Out and we’ll also learn what the Bible says about how to handle emotions, especially sadness.

Please note that due to copyright restrictions we will not be putting these messages online.

Be sure to join us this Sunday for this fun and inspiring series!

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