Special Relief Offering

By May 5, 2011Announcements

Last week, a deadly storm ripped through the southeast, claiming hundreds of lives and causing devastating damage and destruction.  At Fusion, we are always looking for ways to make a real difference in this world and this is certainly a huge opportunity to do just that by showing the love of Christ to hurting people during this time of crisis.

After talking with pastors that are on the ground in Alabama, the consensus is that the greatest need right now is money.  They have received huge shipments of bottles of water and other necessities but the next big need is to help people get back on their feet by providing things like housing solutions.

Of course, we are determined to do our part in helping our hurting neighbors so this Sunday at Fusion we will be receiving a special offering.  This relief offering will be sent immediately to our partner churches in Alabama so that they can get it to the people that need it the most.

Will you prayerfully consider what you and your family will give to this relief offering?

Please bring whatever God directs you to give with you this Sunday.  We will receive the funds and send them immediately to the victims in Alabama.

Thank you for helping out.  See you this Sunday.

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