Focus Service

By March 29, 2010Fusion Blog

We will be having a special Focus service on Tuesday, March 30, at 7PM to help us all prepare for Easter.  At this incredible event, we’re going to worship and pray and hear from God.  Pastor Tony will be teaching a message that God dropped into his heart just for this time together and we know that it’s going to impact you.

We’re doing all this to actually help us focus on God more.  If you’re like most of us, Easter seems to just sort of come and go each year.  We think God has a desire to so something much deeper in our lives this year.

Get ready.  Come expecting God to move in your life!


There will be no growth groups meeting this week so that we can all focus on Easter and the focus service.

Childcare will be provided but you must register.  (See the response card on Sunday to register your kids.)

Get ready!

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